Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil's 'Moonshot' Song Premiere

November 10th, 2014 5:59pm
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By Chuck Dauphin

Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil has an exclusive premiere of "Moonshot," a cut from the Goliath, the brand-new album from Nashville rock act Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil. The veteran performer told Billboard that he is pleased with the record.

"Would it sound bad if I said it was my favorite album and I kept listening to it over and over again? It sounds odd to be saying that," he admits, "but I keep listening to it for my own pleasure. I guess that's the way to describe it. I don't know if anyone else will feel that way, but I sure like it."

Taylor, who initially made his mark in the '90s group Chagall Guevara, has not released new music in two decades, but he has worked in the film industry and helped one of the biggest '90s bands find its voice.

"It's been a long time. I thought I might have forgotten how. I ended up producing and started a label, Squint. We had Sixpence None the Richer, and that ended up doing well past our wildest expectations. My idea had always been eventually to get into filmmaking, so when my season with Squint ended, I thought it was my chance. I had seen too many examples of actors who thought it would be fun to be in a band, so I thought if movie people were going to look at me that way, I should probably burn all bridges behind me and just focus on songwriting. I did that for quite a while, and made a few movies. It was during the second movie I made, I decided I used to make music, and it happened a lot faster and there were fewer delays than trying to get a movie off of the ground."

So Taylor returned to the recording studio -- albeit briefly. "We started recording an album, and then my film 'Blue Like Jazz' began to be funded by Kickstarter. So we had to stop what we were doing and go make a movie. When I was done and the movie was out, it was time to finish the album."

In describing "Moonshot," Taylor said the song is about "the fine line between ambition and insanity. The character in the song is extremely ambitious, and yet at a certain point, you start wondering if he is off his meds. I think that any of us who are involved in the arts live that fine line daily." When asked where Taylor falls, he quipped "I think as a band, we are very ambitious, but I think we go over that insane line more than once."

Enjoy this taste of the new album Goliath from Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil, which will be released Nov. 18.