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Tentative List Of ST&TPF Tour Dates

Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil New Album Kickstarer Campaign

March 3rd, 2014: The Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil Kickstarter campaign has not only funded the new album, but a small tour to boot, and the first tentative schedule for that tour has been posted on Kickstarter and Facebook and Bandsintown and probably a bunch of other social media contraptions with high valuations built on questionable revenue models.

April 30th Akron, OH
May 1st Columbus, OH
May 2nd Blakely, PA
May 3rd Columbia, MD
May 4th Manheim, PA
May 5th Ocean City, NJ
May 16th Dallas, TX
May 18th San Antonio, TX
May 19th Tulsa, OK
July 5th Urbana, IL
(AudioFeed Festival)
August 9th Gilford, NH

Site News & Updates In 2013

Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil Kickstarter Is Live

November 25th, 2013: The Kickstarter campaign for the new Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil album is live, seeking to collect $40,000 in pledges by Christmas. A wide array of gifts for the various pledge levels are available, including digital downloads, CD and vinyl copies of the album, t-shirts and posters, custom-painted artwork by Jimmy Abegg, exclusive audio recordings, inclusion in the album credits, and private concert and party experiences. Click through for all the details!

You can also follow additional chatter about this campaign via Steve Taylor's personal Twitter and Facebook.

And I can't help but copy-pasting this tantalizing bit found at the end of Steve's letter:

"P.S. Some of you will want to know that the long-in-gestation Chagall Guevara live album is at the ready. My Guevarian bandmates felt it would be better to keep its release separate, so we hope to further press our luck by launching that campaign in January..."

More Bootleg DVD Videos Now On YouTube

November 13th, 2013: Sock Heaven friend and generally helpful guy Mint Shows has uploaded more of the bootleg DVD videos available from this site's BitTorrent tracker to YouTube. They can be watched in their entirety there, saving you considerable time over downloading the higher-quality, but much larger, DVDs. Thanks again, Mint!

Steve & Band's New Album May Be Funded Via Kickstarter

September 16th, 2013: Ben Newsum writes in to report a new interview with Steve in which he discusses his recent concert appearances with The Perfect Foil and the forthcoming new album. There is scant detail on the tone or style of the new album, except to say that whereas Squint was a solo album with the help of "fantastic musicians", the new album will be more of a group effort.

Steve also says that Kickstarter may be the means by which the album is finally finished and released:

"We may end up doing some kind of like a Kickstarter campaign in August or September just to be able to finish it up. I used to be pretty well off until my movie making habit started. Now I have trouble funding the occasional date night. But Kickstarter is also a good way to let people know that something's coming. We'll see about that."

Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil Nashville Video

September 10th, 2013: A video of Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil in concert two weeks ago at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville has appeared on YouTube. In it, the band performs "The Finish Line".

Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil Performing In Nashville

August 25th, 2013: Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil will be the opening act for Jars of Clay this Thursday, August 29th, at 3rd And Lindsley in Nashville, TN. The event is Jars of Clay's album release party, tickets are $12, and the doors open at 6pm for the show at 8pm.

(P.S. If you can't make this one, then the rumor from a reliable source is that there will be, "God willing," more shows to come.)

(P.P.S. The same source says something about a Kickstarter event happening soon...)

Complete Cornerstone 1996 Concert On YouTube

August 1st, 2013: Longtime site supporter Mint Shows has uploaded the complete Cornerstone 1996 bootleg available from this site's BitTorrent tracker to YouTube. It can be watched in its entirety there, saving you considerable time over downloading the higher-quality, but much larger, DVD.

Three More Videos From Creation 2013

July 17th, 2013: Three more videos of Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil at Creation 2013 have turned up. The first, embedded below, is Ray McMillen's shot of "I Want To Be A Clone". Waylon Glunt has also posted two more videos to Facebook: "The Lament of Desmond R. G. Underwood-Frederick IV" and his angle of "I Want To Be A Clone".

"On The Fritz" At Creation 2013

July 5th, 2013: Another video of Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil at Creation 2013, shot by Ray McMillen. This time it's a clip of "On The Fritz".

Third Set Of Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil At Creation 2013

July 1st, 2013: Two more short clips of Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil at Creation 2013, courtesy of Troy Bassett (who, judging by proximity to the pink-shirt-around-head guy seen in their respective videos, may have been crowd-buddies with Bob Holly). This time we have a couple of the new songs we've been hearing about. Troy writes, "Steve said that these songs would hopefully be part of a new album available in the fall if everything goes according to plan."

The first song, possibly titled "Lift Up My Eyes":

And the second, possibly titled "Building a Rocket":

More Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil At Creation 2013

June 30th, 2013: Another clip of Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil performing at Creation 2013 has appeared on YouTube. Courtesy of Bob Holly, here's a clip of "The Moshing Floor" and "Easy Listening".

Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil At Creation 2013

June 29th, 2013: Videos of the June 26th performance by Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil at Creation 2013 are starting to show up online. On YouTube, Waylon Glunt has posted a clip of "The Moshing Floor" (seen below), and WJTL 90.3 FM in Lancaster, PA posted a brief interview clip. Also, on Creation Fest's official FaceBook, there is a short clip of "I Want To Be A Clone". Hopefully there will be more to come.

Steve Taylor Interviewed On "N the Queue" Internet Radio

May 30th, 2013: Steve Taylor is featured in an hour-plus long interview with "N the Queue" on BlogTalkradio. Unfortunately those looking for information about the two concerts this summer or the new album this fall will be disappointed:

"Anybody who's followed my career knows to never believe a thing I say about new music coming because my predictions have been so woefully wrong in the past. At least in this case a lot of it's already recorded, and we have to play something live this summer. So that's probably all I should promise: that we'll be playing a set of mostly new material, and that material will show up in some form, Lord willing, this fall."

However, he offers a final resolution to the [quite certainly] dead and [almost totally] forgotten St. Gimp film project. This portion of the interview, with further discussion of how the experience led to The Second Chance and Blue Like Jazz, are at the 64 minute mark.

"St. Gimp was kind of a sad story. We worked probably two years on the screenplay, among doing other things, and then we did our table reading, where you sit actors around the table. You hear it back for the first time, and at the end of the table reading, I realized that this movie was unfilmable, and if it could be filmed, it would be unwatchable. I was wanting to make the movie, but it just wasn't going to be a good movie. Trust me, I did you a favor by not making that movie.

"It just wasn't a well-told story. If you go to the animator's web site, Jonathan Richter, [...] you can actually see some of the animation that was going to be in St. Gimp. He worked for months on some of the sequences, and it looks fantastic. If it all would have been short animated clips by Jonathan Richter, it would have been fine, but it also would have only been about five minutes long. It was the rest of the story that was the problem. It was one of those things [where] it was too ambitious for my skills at the time. My collaborators and I tried our best, but there's nothing like hearing it back by a group of actors. Until that point you really don't know anything."

Finally, at 90:40 Steve offers penetrating insight into the utter vanity and futility of stubbornly continuing to maintain a fan site for a musician that hasn't released an album in twenty years (as well as a nice acknowledgement--thanks!)

"I don't actually have my own web site, but there are a couple of web sites from people who are probably more interested in my past than I am. They're good, so if you Google my name you can come across some of those, and they're very well done and much appreciated. Sock Heaven is one of them."

Chagall Guevara Facebook Page

March 22nd, 2013: Norvin Coblentz has started a surprisingly active Chagall Guevara Facebook page. There you will find a set of Chagall Guevara concert photos from a performance in Birmingham, AL in June 1991. The photos are courtesy of Joe Posey. Thanks to Joe, and thanks to Norvin for the video shout-out to this site!

Steve Taylor New Band Name & Album Information... And Performing Live At Creation 2013?

February 5th, 2013: Honorary site intern Ben Newsum has once again provided updates regarding the ever-forthcoming new album by the band that is now called Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil. Steve discusses the project in this April 2012 interview with Jeffrey Overstreet. An excerpt:

"I got so frustrated when I felt like Blue Like Jazz was failing, that out of creative frustration I ended up going into the studio with Peter Furler, and then John Painter (of Fleming and John), and then Jimmy Abegg, who's a longtime friend, guitarist, photographer and visual artist. And we just started recording. Peter had written some music ideas, and I love his melodies. We worked up the songs as a band, then I added lyrics. We were about a month away from having something finished when the Kickstarter campaign started, and it was like, "Oh, man ... we're making a movie." And it's just been on hold for the last 18 months, because finishing the movie has taken up all my time.

"That's one thing I'll do once things settle down--get back together with the guys and finish that project up."

Also reported by Josh Rude, Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil have indeed released their first single, titled "A Life Preserved", as part of the Blue Like Jazz soundtrack. It's available for a measly buck on Amazon, iTunes, and probably a bazillion other places.

Ben Newsum further reports that there is an official remix of "A Life Preserved", available in Paste Magazine's mPlayer feature for Issue 75 (see the music player at the top of the screen). If you're not a subscriber, you can sign up for a free week trial, during which time a download of the remix will also be available for free.

Even more exciting is the appearance of Steve's name in the list of Main Stage performers at Creation 2013, happening the last week of June! This bodes well for a release of that new album in the next few months. Is Steve really pulling his music career out of mothballs? Will this new material have the same edge he honed throughout the 80's and 90's, culminating in Chagall Guevara and Squint? This long-suffering fan site maintainer hopes so...

Site News & Updates In 2012

Site Update

July 25th, 2012: One new item in the press section.

July 5th, 2012: Four new items in the press section.

June 26th, 2012: Four new items in the press section.

Site News & Updates In 2011

Steve Taylor Has Recorded A New Album

November 22nd, 2011: Proving that Sock Heaven has its finger on the pulse of Steve's music career, here is a four-month-old BeliefNet interview with Peter Furler in which he reveals that Steve has sung lead vocals on an album to be released. The other members of the group are Peter, John Mark Painter, and Jimmy Abegg, and Peter refers to the group as Steve Taylor and Some Other Band. Thanks go to Ben Newsum for being our crack research staff.

Peter Furler: I was approached by Steve Taylor. We've written over a hundred songs together for the Newsboys. He knew I had a bunch of stuff left over, stuff that hadn't made it on to other records. So he came and said, "What are you going to do with it?" And I said, "I don't know? What do you want to do?" He goes, "Maybe we should do something" and I said, "Well I'll do something as long as I don't have to sing because I don't want to do a solo record. If you sing, we'll do it." So he goes, "Okay." We went in the studio and put a band together. It was Jimmy Abegg on guitar, John Painter on bass, myself just as the drummer and Steve as the lead singer. We made a record. It's not out yet. It's brilliant. It's a fantastic record and it's hopefully coming out this year or early next year. It got put on hold because of Steve (directing) the Blue Like Jazz movie.

Site Update

October 24th, 2011: Five new items in the press section.

Site Update

August 1st, 2011: Sadly, there's a new item in the Archived Web Sites section of this site. Andrew D. Taylor first posted QRSTUV, The Quantitative Roland Stephen Taylor Ubiquitous Volume, to Usenet in late 1994, making it the first Steve Taylor Internet resource. It later morphed into a web site which disappeared from the Internet in the last few months. It is now archived here.

Site News & Updates In 2008

Site Update

August 8th, 2008: Five new items in the press section. Thanks to Rob Marshall for these.

Site Update

Update August 8th, 2008: "Meltdown" link below has been fixed.

August 7th, 2008: One new item in the press section:

Site Update

July 31st, 2008: One new item in the press section:

Site Update

July 19th, 2008: One new item in the press section:

Dave Perkins "Evening Of Sacred Blues" Performance Video

April 6th, 2008: Mark Shivers, webmaster of the God in Music City project in Nashville, TN, provides linkage to the "Evening of Sacred Blues" part of the web site, wherein one will find video of Dave Perkins and others from that February 21st, 2008 performance.

Steve Taylor Interview on Drew Marshall Radio Show

April 6th, 2008: The Drew Marshall Show is Canada's most listened to spiritual talk radio program. Steve was interviewed on the October 13th, 2007 show, and the audio of the interview is available online. In the interview Drew reviews Steve's history in the Christian music arena, from the recording of Clone to the demise of Squint Entertainment, as well as his burgeoning film career, his marriage, the adoption of his daughter, and even prods Steve into providing a rare glimpse into his opinions on the intermingling of religion and politics. Of course, his brief stint dating Lisa Whelchel is also mentioned.

Site Update

February 11th, 2008: There are two new items in the interview section, both with streaming and downloadable MP3s. Thanks go to Shari Lloyd for these.

February 10th, 2008: The Discography, Videography, and Song Lyrics sections have been updated and expanded. Numerous Steve and Chagall singles and promotional items (both audio and video) have been added. Full lyrics have been added for Dave Perkins' The Innocence album and "Hero's Wine" single, and for Passafist's self-titled album. Thanks to Norvin Coblentz for providing help.

New Chagall Guevara MySpace Fan Site

February 10th, 2008: Norvin Coblentz has created his own Chagall Guevara MySpace fan site. Check the videos section there for newly discovered footage of Chagall Guevara at the Greenbelt Festival in 1991. The video is from the front row! Hopefully Sock Heaven will get a copy soon for BitTorrent DVD-downloading pleasure (hint).

Site News & Updates In 2007

Chagall Guevara's Violent Blue Music Video On YouTube

September 13th: Chagall Guevara's one and only music video, for the song "Violent Blue," can now be seen on YouTube.

Site Update

September 10th: A new restored poster, the I Predict 1990 promotional poster, is available for download in the Downloads section. Thanks to Rick Law for providing the original for restoration.

July 23rd: Five more items in the press section now have full page scans.

New Version Of Creation 2003 Bootleg Available For Download

July 22nd: A better-quality bootleg of Steve Taylor at Creation 2003 is available for download via the Sock Heaven BitTorrent tracker. Thanks to Greg Koelln for capturing and sharing the recording.

Site Update

July 1st: Seven items in the interview section now have streaming and downloadable MP3s:

Site Update

June 30th: Seventeen more items in the press section now have full page scans.

Mortal & Fold Zandura Bootlegs Available For Download

June 28th: The Sock Heaven BitTorrent tracker occasionally tracks a few torrents that aren't related to Steve Taylor and Chagall Guevara. Six bootleg concert recordings of the bands Mortal and Fold Zandura are now available for download. Check the tracker frontend for them and all other available torrents.

Cornerstone & Creation 2003 Bootleg DVD Available For Download

June 12th: The fifth DVD bootleg is now available for download from the Sock Heaven BitTorrent tracker. This bootleg is from the Cornerstone and Creation Festivals in 2003. The short video shown at both festivals before Steve's performance is the "Steve Taylor Hagiography", and the complete, uncut version is included in the extra features on this DVD. It is NTSC standard and runs for 1 hour, 29 minutes. Thanks to Josh Prins for providing the source video.

Cornerstone 1996 Bootleg DVD Available For Download

June 7th: The fourth DVD bootleg is now available for download from the Sock Heaven BitTorrent tracker. This bootleg is from Cornerstone Festival 1996. This one is a real rarity: a long show completely uncut from start to finish. It features two audio tracks: the original, unaltered audio, and a version that has been denoised and touched up. It is NTSC standard and runs for 1 hour, 32 minutes. Thanks to Josh Prins for providing the source video.

Corrected Creation 1988 Bootleg DVD Available For Download

May 31st: A corrected Creation 1988 DVD is now available for download from the Sock Heaven BitTorrent tracker. The first version had problems with jerkiness and stuttering on set-top players. It's easiest to notice the problem when the camera moves side-to-side, such as at the beginning of "I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good" when Steve walks offstage. If you downloaded the first version, please delete it and do not redistribute it.

Creation 1988 Bootleg DVD Available For Download

Update May 28th: This DVD has temporarily been removed due to playback problems (jerkiness, stuttering) on set-top players. It will be recreated soon.

May 26th: The third DVD bootleg is now available for download via the Sock Heaven BitTorrent tracker. This bootleg is from Creation Festival 1988. This DVD features two angles: the original, unaltered video, and a stabilized version. It also features two audio tracks: the original, unaltered video, and a version with the low end touched up. It is NTSC standard, and runs for 41 minutes. Thanks to D. Rex and David Anderson.

Second Bootleg DVD Available For Download

May 7th: The second DVD bootleg is now available for download via the Sock Heaven BitTorrent tracker. This bootleg is a compilation of Cornerstone 1984, Exit Fest 1984, and Cornerstone 1985. Cornerstone 1984 features the infamous ankle-breaking incident, and Cornerstone 1985 was shut down by the police--it's mentioned by the announcer at the end. It is NTSC standard, and runs for 1 hour, 12 minutes.

First Bootleg DVD Available For Download

April 30th: The first in what will hopefully be a series of DVD bootlegs is now available for download via the Sock Heaven BitTorrent tracker. This bootleg features two angles: the original, unaltered video, and a stabilized version. It is NTSC standard, and runs for about 56 minutes. Thanks to Mark Shelbourne for providing the source video.

Two New Bootlegs Available For Download

April 13th: Two new Steve Taylor concert bootlegs are available for download via the Sock Heaven BitTorrent tracker. The shows are:

Site Update

April 12th: One new Chagall Guevara article thanks to Rev. Keith A. Gordon, and the Chagall Guevara album press release:

In addition, downloadable versions of restored Chagall Guevara concert posters are available in the new Downloads section of the site. Update: The images have been replaced with TIFs with the correct DPI. You may want to re-download them.

Dakoda Motor Co. Reunites + DMC Creation 1993 Bootleg Download

March 11th: Squinternational Tour alums Dakoda Motor Co. have reunited! Davia Vallesillo is once again on vocals, and they have performed live a number of times already. You can view a video of the Christmas reunion trip to Hawaii on YouTube, see their Myspace page, and visit their official web site at

What better way to celebrate the reunion than by providing a new bootleg download of their performance at Creation 1993! The source is a localized FM broadcast from the front-of-house feed at Creation, so the quality is very good. Thanks to Jason Wright for providing the cassette source from his collection, and to David Anderson for finding him.

The files in this torrent are approximately 166MB. After downloading, please continue to seed for as long as possible to help out!

Site Update

March 4th: The photo gallery that accompanied The Lighthouse Electronic Magazine's April 1996 article about Steve ("The Three Faces Of Steve") has been recovered:

Don't Buy Bootlegs!

March 4th: Two new so-called "2006 Japanese imports" (also called "reissues") have turned up on eBay and certain online retailers.

The first is an unauthorized copy of Meltdown & Meltdown Remixes. The second, I Predict A Demo, is nothing more than the Early Demos bootleg that has been making the rounds for years.

You can buy Meltdown legitimately through iTunes, and you can download Early Demos (and almost 20 other bootlegs) for free right here via BitTorrent. You could probably even find someone who would mail you a copy of Meltdown for free if you asked the right people.

No good deed goes unpunished, so it was only a matter of time before someone came along to try to make a buck off of material that was shared with fans for free. Don't give them your money!

Site Update

February 10th, 2007: A single new review:

Three New Bootlegs Available For Download

January 8th: Two new Steve Taylor concert bootlegs and a better-quality version of an existing Chagall Guevara bootleg have been unearthed and released to the wild. Thanks to Mark Shelbourne and Josh Prins for providing the recordings. The shows are:

Chagall Guevara Cover Tune Online

January 5th, 2007: The Nashville-based Josh Jackson Band covered Chagall Guevara's "If It All Comes True". You can hear the track on their MySpace page (look for it in the music player). The Josh Jackson Band was voted "Best News Band of 2002" in the Nashville Scene Readers' Poll.

Site News & Updates In 2006

Site Update

November 2nd: Five new press releases:

Bootleg Downloads Via BitTorrent

September 14th: All bootlegs (minus the supplanted "12 Songs") can now be downloaded via BitTorrent from the Sock Heaven tracker. Find the bootleg you want in the bootleg list, click it, then download the torrent. If you download the bootlegs, please continue to seed for as long as possible to help out. More bootlegs are coming!

Site Update

September 10th: A new (three-month-old) interview with Steve:

Dave Perkins on MySpace: New Album This Year

July 15th: Dave Perkins now has a MySpace page, and on it he announces a new album coming this year titled Ultra-Fix. He has also uploaded three new songs for the world to hear.

Norvin Coblentz reports: "He sent me a message that says: 'I have returned to my blues roots for this project, which allows me room for guitar improvisation--especially in the live context. I hope you and others like the CD when it's finished.'"

Site Update

May 31st: One new article:

Watch The Violent Blue Music Video Online

May 31st: Chagall Guevara's only music video can be streamed from their artist page on AOL Music. Once there, look for the "Watch the 'Violent Blue' video" link, or click here to go directly to the video.

Eight New Second Chance Articles

February 23rd: Eight new articles about The Second Chance:

The Second Chance Is Released

February 17th, 2006: The Second Chance is released in theaters. Check the official web site for theaters and showtimes.

A Very Special Message From Steve Taylor:

Those of you who know me know that a deficit of talent, aptitude and funding has never stopped me from pursuing a new career.

The latest result opens this Friday, February 17th at a theater quite possibly near you. It's called THE SECOND CHANCE, it's been picked up by Sony Pictures Distribution, and despite my inexperience as a writer/director, it turned out reasonably well due to a number of factors beyond my control.

It's not like you owe me anything just because we're pals, but if you go to you can find out if and where the movie's playing in your area. And I don't expect anyone to drive more than, say, six hours to buy a ticket (even though I'd gladly make the trek for your major motion picture debut).

Feel free to forward this to all your "email pals." I'm told that if enough of you pay to see THE SECOND CHANCE on its opening weekend, you'll send a "message to Hollywood."

Your pal,

Site News & Updates In 2005

Updated The Second Chance Trailer

August 10th: The trailer for The Second Chance found on the movie's official web site has been quietly updated. It features several new clips and a revised February 2006 release date.

Site Update

July 28th: Four reviews courtesy of Dan Kennedy, and two articles and a review about Chagall Guevara:

Trailer For The Second Chance Now Online

July 3rd: The trailer for Steve's upcoming movie The Second Chance is now online at the movie's official web site,

Site Update

June 17th: Two articles from way back in 1984 courtesy of Dan Kennedy:

Site Update

May 15th: Two new articles from Australia (oi!) courtesy of Andrew Stewart:

New Interview; Second Chance's First Public Screening

May 8th: Infuze Magazine has an interview with Steve about The Second Chance, Michael W. Smith's acting ability, and more. Steve points out that the test footage for the long-gestating St. Gimp, first mentioned at Cornerstone 2003, is now available on Jonathan Richer's web site. Use Bug Me Not to bypass Infuze's compulsory registration.

Steve was also a speaker at the 2005 Biola Media Conference, where The Second Chance received its first public screening. A transcript of Steve's conference presentation does not appear to be available, but Infuze Live has three "live updates" with some details that were posted the day of here, here, and here. There is also a photo gallery.

Site Update

April 30th: A new article courtesy of Scott Welshans:

Site Update

April 27th: Approximately 90,000 keystrokes later, here are six new articles and one new review in the press archive:

New Taylor Interview At

April 14th: A brand new interview with Steve Taylor is available at In it he discusses The Second Chance, touches on older work in the music industry and work with the Newsboys and Squint Entertainment, and mentions that the live tapes of the Chagall Guevara concert recorded in Nashville over a decade ago have finally been transferred and mixed. Maybe it'll actually be released one day?

Also, The Second Chance movie now has an official web site.

Taylor & Chagall Music Available From iTunes

April 9th: For the first time in many years, several of Steve Taylor's albums can be purchased legally. His first three studio albums, plus the 1988 best-of album, are now available via iTunes:

Two other singles are available from compilation albums: the mariachi version of "Winter Wonderland" and the Squint track "The Finish Line".

The sole Chagall Guevara track currently available is "Treasure Of The Broken Land" from the Orphans Of God Mark Heard tribute album.

Thanks to John Lamb for the news.

Two New Steve Taylor Bootlegs

March 6th: Two new bootleg concerts are available, courtesy of "D. Rex" and David Anderson who found him:

Jimmy Swaggart on Steve Taylor

February 14th: The complete text of disgraced televangelist Jimmy Swaggart's book Religious Rock `N' Roll: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing is online. You can read what Jimmy had to say about Steve Taylor in chapter 9.

New Creation 1994 Bootleg

February 8th: Another bootleg has appeared thanks to Jason Wright who provided a cassette and David Anderson who found him. This time it's Creation 1994, and this is easily the best quality bootleg to be discovered since it was taken from a FM broadcast of the front-of-house feed.

Three New Steve Taylor Bootlegs

January 23rd: Three new bootleg concerts have been unearthed and released to the wild. Two are courtesy of cassette tapes provided by Michael Toth, and one is from Josh Prins. The shows are:

New Link: The Clone Club

January 12th, 2005: The Clone Club is a group, with forum, for fans of Steve Taylor, created by Robert Miguel. Check the links section for more links to other sites.

Site News & Updates In 2004

Bootleg Downloads

December 15th: Courtesy of Mint Shows, you can now download all existing bootlegs in lossless-quality FLAC format. Please be kind to his server by downloading one file at a time. There is more bootleg audio out there, it just hasn't bubbled to the surface yet...

Second Chance Movie Updates

December 15th: More Second Chance linkage:

Site Update

November 20th: Old and stale updates from the front page of Sock Heaven are now in a news archive. Two new articles:

Second Chance Movie Updates

November 20th: More Second Chance linkage:

Second Chance Movie Updates

November 18th: Shooting for Second Chance has wrapped. The rumored plan is a limited release next Fall in 300 to 600 theaters. For more in-depth news:

Second Chance Movie Updates

October 13th: Courtesy of KingDavid of On The Fritz and Pilar, a synopsis of Second Chance is on Michael W. Smith's web site, and CCM has a story about being an extra in the movie.

Site Update

October 10th: Two new articles courtesy of Scott Welshans, and four thanks to Norvin Coblentz:

Site Update

September 24th: Two very nice artifacts in the press archive thanks to Lorenz Schmiege:

Second Chance Movie Updates

September 12th: This just in from headquarters: Steve's movie Second Chance will begin shooting in two weeks and is scheduled to wrap by Halloween. Stay tuned for further updates.

Site Update

August 28th: Two new articles:

Site Update

August 27th: Three new articles:

Site Update

August 21st: Three new articles:

Site Update

August 15th: Four new articles:

Site Update

August 13th: Two new articles:

Cornerstone 1987 Bootleg Download

You can now download the Cornerstone 1987 bootleg in losslessly-compressed FLAC format using BitTorrent courtesy of the helpful people at Click here for more info.

A request from those of us who help spread bootlegs around for free: Please never buy bootlegs or copies of studio albums. There are plenty of avenues for getting both for free, and you officially have Steve's explicit permission to do so. You can download studio albums in MP3 format at KingDavid's site "On The Fritz", and bsides the previously-mentioned torrents, you can get copies of studio albums and bootlegs in lossless format from me and KingDavid just by asking.

Ben Pearson Interview

An interview with Ben Pearson on the Grassroots Music web site, apparently from the end of 2003, drops another small detail about Second Chance:

I also wrote a piece called Second Chance which just got green-lighted. Steve Taylor will direct that one. It's kind of ER meets an inner-city church. The tension comes with the fact that the inner-city church is owned by one of those huge, five-city-blocks mega churches. I called up Michael W. Smith because it seemed like a role that would be perfect for him. We'll start shooting that in January or February of 04.

Second Chance Details

Sandy Roberts posted to the mailing list about a short blurb on Cross Rhythms' web site in which details about Steve's movie project Second Chance trickle out:

In the interview [Michael W.] Smith also revealed that if he will be appearing in an upcoming film, The Second Chance. "It's about an associate pastor named Ethan in a suburban church. Ethan ends up being sent to an inner city church. He does not want to go, but he goes. He falls in love with the people and it changes his life. Steve Taylor, Ben Pearson and Chip Arnold wrote it."

March 2004 CCM Magazine

A brief "20 questions" article about Steve can be found in the March 2004 edition of CCM Magazine. In it Steve lightly touches on his current film project titled "Second Chance":

"It's Training Day set in an inner-city church," Taylor says of his first feature-length film. Co-written with Ben Pearson and Chip Arnold, cameras roll this summer with a target release date of early 2005.

There is also a reference made to KingDavid's fan site and the Favorite Steve Taylor Songs poll he ran a little while back.

In addition, Sixpence None The Richer, Squint Entertainment's once-flagship act, has announced that they are calling it quits.

Site News & Updates In 2003

Cornerstone 2003

I hope you were all able to catch Steve closing out the big birthday bash at Cornerstone 2003, because if you didn't you missed a great show. This and his Creation 2003 performance the previous week were his first on U.S. soil since 1996, but you couldn't have guessed it. The band was tight and there were no signs of wear on fan favorites such as "I Want To Be A Clone" and "On The Fritz."

The online magazine The Phantom Tollbooth orchestrated the press circus for the week, and Steve stopped by for an interview on the day of his performance. He finally revealed the precise details of Squint Entertainment's demise, and told the world what he's been up to for the past two years. You can check out the full transcript of the interview on the Tollbooth's web site.

In addition--and perhaps much to the chagrin of certain record labels--Steve officially gave his blessing with regard to distributing his music via the Internet. If you are looking for anything, and are willing to mail blank CDs and a self-addressed, stamped envelope and wait for a while, I'm happy to help. :-)

Since this is the first time I've seen Steve perform--and since it's probably the last time I'll see Steve perform--I feel quite privileged not only to have been able to participate in the press conference, but to go backstage and meet him (and of course get the customary--nay, required--fan stuff, like an autograph on my Chagall CD and a picture.)

Thanks for coming out to play one last time, Steve. ;-)

Bootleg Information

I have added an index of currently-available bootleg audio. This should be useful for keeping track of what is floating around out in the wild. There will be more to come. Big thank-yous to the many people who have sent me this stuff.