Hero's Wine

[Image: 'Demonstrations Of Love' Front Cover]



Well take a good look at my face
And read between the lines
Come sit with me and we'll tell the tale
Of tasting hero's wine

On a day just like this
My safety was spent
The calendar fell off the wall

Thunder clapped in applause
And the devil danced along

Well I looked around the room
To see who had called the tune
And soon I was caught up by it all

I was caught in a crawl
Asking did I fall
Was everything around here erased

And with a wound that won't fade
I had to save
Or be saved

You know my courage was compelled
Though I could not cast the spell
'Cause no knife ever sharpens itself

I tell you bravery is not my curse
Though I really look for anywhere to hide
And I never even felt a thirst
To taste this hero's wine

When you're holding your heart
In the palm of your hand
Without any doubt
That you are just a man

What makes you reach?
What makes you breach?
What intoxicates?
What is it that makes you forget your fear?
Forget your fear
You forget your fear

We were born to a time
When you can't go home
You ain't got a friend
And you gotta stand alone

You stand before your maker
'Cause you got no other takers
And you've forsaken all your fakers

And you've blessed the close and holy darkness with the first

So say what you will
Say what you mean
Spare me the in-betweens

It's hard to hold on
It's harder to let go
This cup of blood and dreams

Well it wasn't them damn nails that held Jesus Christ to his cross
The thing that held him up was his, his heart

Lift your eyes
Pass the cup
Ride on down the line
Take the hand of the self-made man
Who poured this hero's wine

Come take a good look at my face
And read between the lines
Come sit with me and we'll tell the tales
Of tasting hero's wine

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